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BIKINGMAN - INCADIVIDE - Start 07 July 2017


IncaDivide is an ultra marathon cycling race taking place on the Qhapaq Nan legendary Inca road network

This challenge is THE most vertical and most epic cycling challenge in the world designed for experienced cyclists seeking an exceptional race.

Two races are available:
1) “full” race: 3500 km – 2200 miles with 63 500 m – 208 000 feet climbing
2) “half” race: 2500km / 1500 miles with 38 500m – 126 000 feet climbing

Inca Divide - Ready for Qhapaq Nan - the challenge Inca

Those who will take on this challenge will explore a new culture
Inca Divide - Experience RideFar - Ultra Cycling
Forget about your ordinary rides

Long gone are your famous passes and your favorite bike race. You’ll be one of the few to come riding in this spectacular part of the world…

Goal is to reach Cusco, the capital of the Inca Empire, from Quito (capital city of Ecuador). Riders will have the unique opportunity to ride, mostly on asphalted roads, in the Andes Cordillera and its stratospheric climbs above 4000m / 13000 feet.

Inca Divide - Gentleman Cycling RideFar - Ultra Cycling
An exploration race with strong values

Attempting this challenge as a solo rider or as a team is doable for cyclists ready to ride more than 122 kilometers/day.

IncaDivide values are based on “Gentleman cycling” (respect the rules and your competitors), environmental sustainability and charity. 2% of the race income will be donated to the Ecuadorian and Peruvian “Bomberos” (firemen).

Inca Divide - Première course ultra marathon de BIKING MAN


This label, created by two ultra enthusiasts, Axel and Leticia guarantees an excellent organization for its participants (logistics and security), clear race formats (Full and Half) and exceptional places to ride..

Learn more about BikingMan

Spectacular checkpoints chosen by the organization

Each checkpoint has been carefully chosen for their uniqueness, in the Andes Cordillera: unique passes, Avenue of the Volcanoes, Amazon, White Cordillera and Black Cordillera…

The route between the checkpoints is to be decided by each rider. To stamp their progression at each checkpoint prepared by the organization, riders will have to beat the vertical Andes Cordillera and its unique topography.

Security, our priority

IncaDivide is an ultra cycling race organized with strong logistics. The organization has worked hard to study route planning, road conditions, weather analysis and points of interest to make this challenge an epic experience for every rider.

We had intense discussions with local people / communities. We have also ridden the whole route, reproducing ultra racing conditions. Each rider will be live-tracked with a dedicated GPS tracker. Our goal is to ensure your safety.

Fueling on the go

Water, food and housing options are available on the route every 40 kilometers. Each selected rider will receive a POI (points of interest) database, identified by the organization between the checkpoints. You’ll therefore know precisely where to refuel and rest throughout the challenge.

Riders will have the opportunity to discover the exceptional hospitality of the Ecuadorian and Peruvian people, their typical food, and breathtaking camping spots.

Before the challenge IncaDivide race requires some preparation
Are you ready to take the plunge?
Inca Divide - Experience ultra cycling
You are a member of the elite that has performed an ultra? (RAAM, Tour Divide, TransAmerica, Transcontinental)? Challenge yourself on IncaDivide!
You will take on the Qhapaq Nan Andean road network and the most vertical / epic cycling challenge in the world.
Check out our blog. We share tips, advices to help you prepare your challenge. You can also sign up for the Inca newsletter to receive the latest updates on this challenge. IncaDivide is achievable for any cyclist able to ride 122-134km per day on the entire route.
IncaDivide - Newsletter challenge
Sign up to the Inca newsletter. You will explore new territories without having to ride (yet) your bike. Who knows, maybe one day you will dare to take on the challenge?
Can I do it?

IncaDivide is a physical and mental challenging race. Keep in mind that speed doesn’t matter much here, only endurance matters. 134k/day (FULL) or 122/day (HALF) are the minimum required to take on this challenge. Competitors rushing at the start of the race, might be among the first to scratch…Results aren’t guaranteed, you will be the first to surprise yourself.Thinking about racing the challenge? Pay a visit to our blog, we share weekly updates on “how to get prepared” for this kind of ultra race.

Team-riding allowed?

Yes, but every member has to cycle the whole length of the race (no relay). Teams can apply before the race (between friends, cycling-crazies or company challenges) but can also be formed during the race (riders will be ranked as team riders then).

The spirit of our races aims at promoting a collective performance. We know by experience that team riding can help reaching very high objectives (like cycling from Quito to Cusco length in the shortest time). Solo or team riding this challenge, it is still a hell of a challenge. You’re warned.

What’s included? A golden night in a 5 star hotel … no, more seriously:
Inca Divide - Lieux de rassemblement cycling
On the 2 departures (Quito for the FULL and Cajamarca for the HALF race) with a race briefing and some gifts awaiting the challengers
One finish-party to share your story with other crazies
Inca Divide - lexique langue et symbole perou - equateur
Checkpoints arranged to validate your progression
Pace-car on the route that will arrange checkpoints, control cheating and monitor the progress of every rider
Inca Divide - GPS TRACKER
A personal tracking system will live track your progress
It is equipped with an “SOS Alert” function to inform the organization in case of life threatening situations
Inca Divide - POI
POI database
Access to the database of waypoints identified by the Organization (water, food, housing, bike repair) to prepare your Ultra challenge.
Inca Divide - POI
« Road Book »
A Spanish glossary to master the basics of language
A brevet card to stamp your progress on every checkpoint
A survival banana to be used in cases of extreme hunger
Inca Divide - Finisher recompense
A reward on arrival, if you are among the “finishers”, symbol of your achievement.
Your entry ticket in the closed circle of cyclists (crazies), who have beaten the Andes Cordillera
How does team-riders registration work?

Up to 6 riders team can sign for the challenge. Groups of friends / cycling crazies or company challenges will be identified separately in the race with specific goodies. Group registration can benefit from a discount on the registration fee.

Inca Divide - Entrainement Ultra Cycling
How to train myself for this challenge?
It is unnecessary to ride 3500k in a row before! Our advice: go swimming, cycling, running regularly. Test yourself on your favorite pass, on passes above 2000m, eat kilometer and saddle hours and you’ll be fine…Visit IncaDivide blog, we regularly share advice. Signing up to the IncaDivide newsletter IncaDivide newsletter will also keep you posted.
Inca Divide - What types of bicycles are allowed?
What types of bicycles are allowed?
Bikes that require 2 cyclists simultaneously will be ranked finisher as “team riding”. Keep in mind that this is an ultra marathon race, with some nice vertical climbing sections. If the bike you want to take for this challenge can’t climb, you could still push it above the hill. If you have doubts or don’t own a bike yet (seriously?),we have shared some tips to help you identify the perfect machine to get started.
I already have a GPS tracker, can I use it?
You can bring yours for personal use. The organization will give you another pre-programmed tracker before the race.
During the race What you have to do and what’s forbidden
Food, hotels, bike repairs: you are on your own. No support car or external help allowed.
STAMP YOUR PROGRESSION at every checkpoint
STAMP YOUR PROGRESSION at every checkpoint
You will need to identify the best way to cycle between the mandatory checkpoints. Your progress will be monitored using the GPS tracker provided by the organization
Inca Divide - ARRIVE BEFORE JULY 26th
Your progress will be monitored with a GPS tracker. No need for an Einstein brain: Full implies to ride 134 km per day, Half race 122 km/day!
The rules of the challenge IncaDivide 20 commandments
  • 01.
    “FULL” race starts in Quito (Ecuador) on July 1st 2017, “HALF” race starts in Cajamarca (Peru) on July 8th 2017
  • 02.
    You’ll have to prove and stamp your progression on every checkpoint.. Without evidence, you will be scratched from the race.
  • 03.
    You will be self-supported during the race and will manage without outside assistance: food (food, drinks), nights (hotels, camping), bike repairs (puncture or worse..)
  • 04.
    You must be visible: lights and reflective device are mandatory especially at dawn and dusk.
  • 05.
    Protect your head with a helmet, your hands with gloves. Falling do not only happen to others
  • 06.
    “Drafting” is allowed (using the aspiration of another rider) only for team-riding. No “drafting” between solo, they chose the hard way, let them be…
  • 07.
    Group size should not exceed 6 riders to avoid peloton phenomena. There isn’t no Tour de France in Ecuador and Peru!
  • 08.
    Solo riders, to remain as such, start and finish the challenge alone. If some riders decide to team up during the race (max 6 people allowed), they will be considered as team-riders at the finish-line
  • 09.
    Respect the local Highway codes (Ecuador and Peru). Cycle on the right, rrespect red lights, do not race trucks going downhill, these kind of things… Be careful, you will cycle on open roads
  • 10.
    It is an ultra race, no rest day allowed. GPS tracker not moving during 48h and you will be scratched from the race. In addition, the organization remains on site until July 26th (included) before the Independence Day of Peru. If you arrive after that date on the 2 formats (Full and Half), you will be out of ranking (and you’ll miss the finishers’ drink around a cold beer)
  • 11.
    IncaDivide is a bike climbing race. If you are afraid to climb some passes, stay home on your home-trainer. . It is forbidden (and boring) to cycle the following roads : A. Ecuador : coastal road “E25” and border crossing with Peru in the city of “Macara” B. Peru : P1N roads and P1S (Pan American coast)
  • 12.
    Electrical bikes (E-bikes) are prohibited (please show some pride….). Bikes that require two riders (or more) to cycle (tandem / recumbent such as Pino) will be ranked automatically as team-riders
  • 13.
    medical certificateis mandatory (saying you’re for long distance challenges)
  • 14.
    An international insurance is mandatory. Better safe than sorry.
  • 15.
    Any cheating, external help (food, bike repair, car, someone riding your bike) , is prohibited. We will check
  • 16.
    Mutual assistance between riders is allowed (food, drink, equipment, bivouac)
  • 17.
    You’re in charge of the GPS tracking system, provided by the organization. You broke it? Unbreak it or pay the deposit. Low batteries? Change them. Not working ? Turn it on.
  • 18.
    Scratching from the race, warn the organization,we will help for the logistics (which routes, which bus to take)
  • 19.
    Respect the nature, local people, other riders and the Organization. Any bad behavior will scratch you from this challenge, no refunds
  • 20.
    Explore, endure, empower
Inca Divide - Drafting autorisé
For safety reasons, you can pass over your competitors but it is forbidden to ride in a group> 6 riders
Ecuador and E25 highways and P1N P1S. If you dislike climbing passes, you can still volunteer for the Organization of the race, help is always appreciated.
Shame on you, you will be scratched from the race. Reminder: If your bike is broken, walk. If you’re tired: take a nap. On your last legs? We made this same journey with 60 kilos push-bikes, you can do it.
Partners of IncaDivide

Our partners (restaurants, hotels) will be identified with INCADIVIDE race logos to quickly find them on the road.

Spanish glossary for people who do not speak Spanish will also be available.

Inca Divide - POI signaling informations

How to wild camp

Respect the environment, the flora and fauna, make sure to leave no trace after your bivouac. Preserve the beauty of these scenic treasures offered by Ecuador and Peru.

After the challenge
Inca Divide - Yes! I have done it !
Yes! I have done it !

Un-cycling-believable…and congratulations! You have beaten IncaDivide – UltraCycling challenge designed by BikingMan. Qhapaq Nan, the legendary Incan road network is now behind you.

You’ll deserve a nice and unique surprise on the finish-line.

Inca Divide - Fail ! I couldn’t reach Cusco ...
Fail ! I couldn’t reach Cusco …
Unfortunately, I did not make it to Cusco, how to get home?
Contact the organization, we will help. Buses are cheap and everywhere in South America, reaching Cusco will be easy.

How to validate the challenge

IncaDivide challenge will officially end on July 26th. Riders will have to stamp their progression on every checkpoint with their brevet card and GPS tracks.

After the challenge, sit down (on a chair) for a while and stay connected (and trained!). Other challenges await you on BikingMan.com

Explore the surroundings

Before leaving, don’t miss to visit Cusco and the legendary Machu Picchu …

Find out what to do do around Cusco, click here

Inca Divide - POI Signalisation

RACE RULES Full or Half Format

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GPS TRACKING Support & tracking

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Gentleman Cycling Fairplay challenge

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F.A.Q. all your questions

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Environment Green explorers

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Ultra cycling challenge by
INCADIVIDe By BIKINGMAN | Explore - ENdure - Empower
Ultra cycling challenge by
INCADIVIDe By BIKINGMAN | Explore - ENdure - Empower
IncaDivideis an ultra marathon cycling race taking place on the Qhapaq Nan legendary Inca road network