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BIKINGMAN - INCADIVIDE - Start 07 July 2017


Any questions on IncaDivide Challenge ?
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General Questions

Are Team-riders allowed?

Yes, but every member has to cycle the whole length of the race (no relay). Teams can apply before the race (between friends, cycling-crazies or company challenges) but can also be formed during the race (riders will be ranked as team riders then).
The spirit of our races aims at promoting a collective performance. We know by experience that team riding can help reaching very high objectives (like cycling from Quito to Cusco length in the shortest possible time). Solo or team riding this challenge, it is still one hell of a challenge. You’ve been warned.

Can I do it?

IncaDivide is a physically and mentally challenging race. Keep in mind that speed doesn’t matter much here, only endurance. 130k/day is the minimum required distance to take on this challenge. Competitors rushing at the start of the race, might be among the first to scratch…Results aren’t guaranteed, you will be the first to surprise yourself.
Thinking about taking on this challenge? Pay a visit to our blog, we share weekly updates on “how to get prepared” for this kind of ultra race.

How is IncaDivide different from any other ultra marathon cycling races?

  • IncaDivide takes place in the most scenic part of Andes Cordillera in South America (Ecuador and Peru).
  • The two race formats (Full and Half) guarantee a lifechanging exploration experience for the racers who will dare to take on this challenge.

Forget about your usual rides or famous passes in your home country. With IncaDivide, you will be one of the few to ever beat the numerous high altitude passes of the Andes Cordillera. The opportunity to dedicate one of them in your name?

Why should I sign up for the IncaDivide?

Pick a reason: to go beyond your limits, to complete a spectacular race, to participate in the most epic cycling challenge in the world, to cycle the highest passes of your life (above 4000m) or simply to take different kind of holidays…

Before the race

Can I be refunded for non-participation?

No cancellation insurance, when you’re in there is no turning back.

What’s included in the registration fee?

A golden night in a 5 star hotel …

More seriously:

  • Pace cars for media promotion and race logistics
  • GPS tracking system dedicated to the rider (Track your progress + SOS function)
  • A database of POI (points of interest) identified by the organization (water, food, shelter, bike mechanics) + detailed map of the route
  • An English/Spanish cycling dictionary to communicate with the locals
  • For the “finishers”: a surprise at the finish-line…

How does team riders registration works?

Up to 6 riders can be a part of a team and sign up for the challenge. Groups of friends / cycling crazies or company challenges will be identified separately in the race with specific goodies. Group registration can benefit from a discount on the registration fee.

How to register?

Ready to take the plunge? Click here.
Need to think a bit before starting? Register here to receive the latest news of this unique challenge.
Remember to check the sections “The Challenge” and “The route” to discover what you’re missing if you haven’t signed for the race yet.

I already have a GPS tracker, and I use it?

You can bring it for personal use. The organization will give you another pre-programmed tracker before the race.

Do I need a medical certificate?

Yes, signed by your doctor confirming that you’re nuts and ready to take on the challenge (doctor doesn’t need to write nuts on the paper).

How to train myself for this challenge?

It is unnecessary to ride 3500k in a row before! Our advice: go swimming, cycling, running regularly. Test yourself on your favorite pass, on passes above 2000m, eat kilometer and saddle hours and you’ll be fine…
Visit IncaDivide blog, we regularly share advice. Signing up to the IncaDivide newsletter will also keep you posted.

What types of bicycles are allowed?

Any bikes manpowered without electrical assistance.
Bikes that require 2 cyclists simultaneously will be ranked finisher as “team riding”. Keep in mind that this is an ultra marathon race, with some nice vertical climbing sections. If the bike you want to take for this challenge can’t climb, you could still push it above the hill. If you have doubts or don’t own a bike yet (seriously?), we have shared some tips to help you identify the perfect machine to get started.

Who can register?

Anyone 18 years old minimum, who owns a bike, has strong legs and steely resolved to take on an epic challenge…

During the race

I was forced to take a motorized assistance (bus, car, motorbike taxi), what will happen to me?

You’ll endure eternal shame and be scratched from the race for cheating, if you can’t prove you cycled the whole length of the challenge.
Reminder: If your bike is broken, walk. If you are tired: rest. If you want to scratch from the race? We made the same journey with 60 kilos loaded bikes, you can do it.

What will the weather be?

The organization has identified the best period to cycle these two countries.
In Ecuador, you can expect a warm weather. If you choose to go in the Amazon, expect a little rain from time to time!
Peru is the Sun Temple. It is very unlikely to find some rain in july. Take some warm clothing though it can get chilly at 4000 meters…

Is drafting allowed?

Yes for team riders only. As soon as your teammate supports your jokes (have you already drafted someone for 3500 km ?…), and if he is a cyclist! Drafting a motorized vehicle is strictly prohibited (+ dangerous for your lungs with diesel pollution). Remember: no group ride above 6 riders, and no drafting solo riders that want to remain solo up to the finish-line.

What can I do in case I have mechanical problems?

Use your 2 hands on the handlebar to fix them! Negotiate a hand with your competitors (they have no obligations to help you). Otherwise, walk to the next village to find a local store to fix your bike.

Where to sleep?

Out if you have the courage to carry your tent / sleeping bag. Otherwise, in hostels (hospedaje) / guest houses that we have identified on the road…You will have the opportunity to discover the welcoming population in Ecuador and Peru.

Where to refuel?

On the road at the lovely Ecuadorian and Peruvian stores you will find along the way. Ask gently, they have no obligations to feed your hungry stomach. You will have the opportunity to taste the typical gastronomy of the two countries (Humitas, Tamales, delicious empanadas, the cooking plantain full of energy, fresh trout Peruvian, soups, pasta and vegetables, several delicious exotic fruits Granadilla, mango …)

How long is the race?

26 days (FULL) and 18 (HALF) to reach Cuzco. The minimum mileage to complete each day is an average of 134km/day (FULL) and 122km/day (HALF) on the entire race.
Below this average on each of the checkpoints, you will not be ranked in the overall ranking, but nothing prevents you to finish the challenge.

Where and at what time does the challenge start?

Full challenge: Quito (Ecuador) july 1st 2017 – 5: 00am (TBC)
Half challenge: Cajamarca (Peru) july 8th 2017 – 5: 00am (TBC)

After the race?

What challenge can I do after such an epic ultra cycling race?

Stay connected on BikingMan.com, we’re designing future epic cycling challenges all over the world for 2017 and 2018.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Cusco?

Get in touch with the organization, we will help. The buses are cheap and omnipresent in Ecuador and Peru. Getting to Cusco will be a piece of cake.

How can I go back home?

Cusco has an international airport. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Machu Picchu before leaving …

RACE RULES Full or Half Format

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Ultra cycling challenge by
INCADIVIDe By BIKINGMAN | Explore - ENdure - Empower
Ultra cycling challenge by
INCADIVIDe By BIKINGMAN | Explore - ENdure - Empower
How is IncaDivide different from any other ultra marathon cycling races?